Product Development

Our end-to-end software product design and development services encompass in-depth market analysis, strategic business assessment, and scrupulous design and development processes that ensure a successful product launch.

What happens after you opt for our digital product development services?

Analysis & assessment

We attentively listen to your project vision, desired functionalities, and the goals your product aims to achieve.

Requirement collection. Schedule a discussion with our business analyst to outline the product features.

Exploration. We examine the market and your business model to pinpoint the latest and most fitting technological solutions.

Preliminary estimation. Our business analyst provides an initial estimation of the required time and budget to kickstart your project.


  • Business analyst consultation
  • Idea viability assessment
  • Approximate project estimation

Preparation / Groundwork

This crucial stage of product development involves consolidating all features, establishing priorities, and creating a detailed timeline. Additionally, we determine the most suitable architecture and technology stack for your project.

Workshop. We accurately assess your concepts and potential risks, prioritize key features, and gather valuable expert insights.

Roadmap. A well-defined roadmap offers a transparent view of the development process, clarifying present and future steps.

Technology selection & architecture. Our team determines your project’s optimal technologies and architectural framework to prevent future refactoring.


  • Comprehensive sitemap
  • Structured information architecture
  • Strategic development plan
  • Optimal tech stack & architecture
  • Finalized and customized proposal

Product visualization

Through user research and tests, we define how the final product will function and look so users get value effortlessly and enjoy using it.

Leveraging user insights and thorough testing, we shape the final product to ensure users can derive value seamlessly and relish their experience.

User Experience (UX). Our designers orchestrate smooth user interactions, facilitating a fast and natural accomplishment of their purpose.

User Interface (UI). We thoroughly design the definitive visual aspect of the software, honing in on intricate nuances and micro-interactions.

Brand uniqueness. Our experts refine your company’s identity components, fostering a striking and unforgettable brand image.


  • Bespoke identity design
  • Detailed style guide
  • Engaging wireframes
  • Purposeful prototype
  • Refined UI design mockups

Development & implementation

During this stage, our skilled engineers bring your software to life, using the specified technology stack and adhering to the confirmed UX and UI designs.

Data & cloud infrastructure. Our developers establish the foundation for data storage, APIs, and cloud computing services.

Front-end development. We design responsive and high-performance interfaces to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Back-end development. Our specialists build the underlying system that governs the software’s core functionality.


  • Responsive website design
  • Robust back-end code
  • Optimized databases
  • Tailored APIs

Quality assurance & validation

Our QA experts conduct both automated and manual testing to maintain the integrity of the code and deliver a seamless user experience by preventing bugs.

Automated testing. We boost deployment capabilities and minimize regression risks with automated code testing.

Manual Quality Assurance. Hands-on product inspections ensure smooth functionality and an optimal user experience.

Security evaluation. We safeguard your product against potential vulnerabilities, backdoors, or data breaches.


  • Automated testing framework
  • User experience testing
  • Custom test scripts
  • Comprehensive security assessment

Launch & support

We help you bring your product to life and are eager to support its continued growth. To boost deployment capabilities, we establish continuous integration and delivery, ensuring your product evolves seamlessly.

CI/CD. With the help of automatic code checks, we accelerate the software delivery pace, ensuring your product is polished and ready for action.

Cloud and app stores. We establish a cloud platform for your website and fine-tune the app for its hassle-free release on the app stores.

Ongoing improvement. Our team works with you to ensure your product stays up-to-date with user feedback and remains Codexin in the ever-changing technology landscape.


  • Software source code and build files
  • Evaluation of the product’s functionality and performance  
  • User Feedback
  • Maintenance and support

How does our software product development company differ?

Risks management

Our product development company takes a holistic approach to software development that prioritizes not only coding but also strategic planning and risk management. This makes us a trustworthy partner rather than just a vendor, helping you anticipate challenges and provide proactive solutions throughout the development process.

Effective communication and reporting

We provide you with regular status updates and involve in decision-making at every project stage. Our team plans daily standups, weekly status meetings, or other Codex meeting schedules tailored to the project’s needs. Our transparent reporting ensures you are up-to-date on the project’s progress.

Cost-effective and transparent billing

We understand the importance of controlling costs, which is why we offer a billing system that invoices only for the productive hours worked. This means you won’t pay for any recruitment, vacation, or sick leave expenses, providing you with a cost-efficient solution.