Turckie System Project

Turckie system project for managing delivery operations through a website and a mobile application, available in all countries so that Google Maps can be used through Truckie and track any order. By Truckie website, the customer can monitor the process of shipping and delivering the goods, and can specify the available driver in any area, view the driver’s history, and the number of orders previously delivered through it. The customer can view the coordinates of the delivery process, the location of the product, and at any time or date it was shipped.

Truckie is equipped with electronic conversations for drivers and the operations organizing team, and the type of receipt of the request can be specified, whether it is manual or automatic. Turckie is easy and fast, and it works on scheduling drivers’ appointments, especially for those who make deliveries with specific time periods (shifts). The driver can also receive his salary electronically through Truckie.

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