Qalam Electronic System For Universities

Qalam is a specialized electronic system for universities. It is complete and contains the backend page for the university as well as the student portal page for students. Qalam enables the student who is about to register for the academic year at the university to pay with ease and contains a wallet for the student, which works to collect amounts designated for use in registration later.

Qalam provides the student with many services: it registers for courses, and lectures, pays, and determines the academic calendar and time. It also helps the student to take an exam via Qalam electronically, and determine his grades. Qalam is provided with group chats between students, their teachers, and colleagues as well.

The student can obtain his graduation certificate or any other identification papers electronically through it. Not only that, Qalam contains a service for recording lectures that enables the student to review them any time he wants. With the ability to pay in any electronic way available to the student, Qalam is characterized by a multiplicity of characteristics. It’s not limited to the services of the student only, but also the services of the university, the teaching staff, and other working people.

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