Ghars Mobile App Project

Ghars is a charitable and humanitarian project in the form of a website and mobile application, through which charitable projects that need to donate money are displayed. Such as guarantees and urgent relief, etc. The donor uses the implant and chooses the charitable project he wants, then pays the money in an electronic way of any kind. Some charitable projects require knowledge of the donation process, such as sponsoring an orphan or sponsoring a student in need. As for urgent relief, such as earthquakes and others, the news of the donation is published, shared, and announced with the value of the required amount, provided that the donation is closed if the full amount is covered. Ghars advantages:

  1. Implantation is available worldwide.
  2. Easy to access and navigate between projects
  3. Ghars provides complete reports as a link. between sponsoring donors and sponsored persons.
  4. Specifies the time, duration, and other details of the donation process.
  5. Provider of all electronic payment services.
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