Food & Fruits Website Project

Food & Fruits Project is an e-commerce platform that combined both a website and a mobile application, it’s like an electronic grocery that sells food products. Food & Fruits Project has two kinds of clients: B2C & B2B. B2C is for customers who can choose and purchase products, the delivery process of the purchased products will be tracked via Google Maps until the order is received from the delivery employee (the driver). B2B is for customers in the form of groups such as institutions and associations, the institution collects a number of products and purchases them to be shipped and follows up on the delivery route also via Google Maps. Food & Fruits specialized in:

  1. Easy classification between products.
  2. Diversifying products and identifying similar ones in arranged categories.
  3. Ratings and comments can be added to each product.
  4. Smooth creating personal accounts and saving data.
  5. Equipped with the feature of paying via MasterCard and other electronic payment methods.

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